Pudney Commercial Management can manage all or any part of your commercial property.

What we do

Lease Management

  • Working with agents to lease space
  • New tenants, rent reviews, agency interaction, tenant exit
  • Arranging lease variations

Building and general management

  • Maintenance and upkeep
  • Cleanliness and presentation
  • Service contracts and suppliers

Asset Inspections

  • Scheduled inspection of the building to ensure compliance, maintenance, and presentation
  • Regular contact with the tenant


  • BWoF, DSA, etc with contractors
  • Fire evacuation trials for Fire Safety compliance


  • Ensuring all rent is paid on time and follow up when needed.
  • Tailored arrangements to suit your situation.


  • Ensure correct insurances are in place
  • Getting competitive quotes
  • Ensuring compliance with policies
  • Assisting with claims


  • Full ROI reporting
  • Income, expenses operating costs.

Pre-Purchase due diligence

  • Gathering all information and assessing ROI
  • Arranging any inspections needed.

Pre Sale assistance

  • Getting property ready for sale
  • Liaising with agents to get the best price with lowest costs.

Our supply partners

We have long standing relationships with each of these and work on a high trust model.

Call to have a low key conversation about your property

Over a coffee, we can discuss what you are wanting to achieve from owning a commercial property and how you want to manage the the key aspects of your investment.