Tailored Commercial Property Management

A Commercial Property is a long term investment and long term partnership with the tenant.  Both need regular maintenance for fair outcomes for all parties.

How can we help

At Pudney Commercial, our goal is to ensure building owners can have trouble free enjoyment from the income of their asset. Through our service, we take the load of the building owners hands, and ensure tenants are happy, paying their rent, and looking after the property they are in

What we offer: A hassle-free way for building owners to manage their asset. Pudney Commercial will ensure all tenants and landlords are fairly treated under the conditions of the lease, that all properties are kept fully compliant with local authorities and the NZ Fire Service, ensure repairs and maintenance quotes are arranged timely either from your preferred suppliers or ours, and will assist with insurance negotiations as needed.

Experience: We have experience dealing with a wide range of assets and owners, across Individual Ownership, Companies, Family Trusts, Charities, and Sports Clubs. Alongside, we have dealt with earthquake strengthening needs, insurance rebuilds, new leases, lease renewals, rent re-negotiations, lease expiry, and right of renewals. Our experience is mainly in industrial buildings, which we have bought and sold personally and for family trusts, and have recently expanded to working with bulk retail and hospitality tenants.

Difference: Our personal service and unique experience with many different scenarios of building ownership and leasing options.  Our attention to detail and ability to form strong relationships with our partners.  Our close working relationship with many suppliers and trades to ensure your building is well maintained.

We believe: In open and honest communications.  Fairness to all parties.  Working with like-minded people, trades and suppliers.